Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beta Woes

As most people know, we're working towards an inevitable beta. This has destroyed my sense of normal working hours. This week has been chained 12 hour days. It's actually been a wacky week. Between dividing time helping friends, getting my 12 hour days in, and trying to have a semblance of a social life.

Also apparently there was a earthquake in Virginia. Who knew they'd hit the east coast? Living out here for so long we take them for granted I suppose. Eh the grounds shaking? Go back to bed. Richmond shook from a 5.9, if you've never experienced a tremblor over 3, feeling the ground move like a sin wave is... discomforting the first time. Why people are surprised the phone lines suddenly hit capacity is beyond me. Well yes, of course they did, half the folks had not a clue what was happening. I did find it ironic, at the time, my mother called to reassure me everyone was okay. Personally I had seen the quake news already and had mostly dismissed it due to the magnitude. Granted, 5 years ago, I'd have said I'd never get used to that.

Anyhow, on the Beta front, we're plugging towards some undisclosed deadline. I'm working harder, not the least of which is to prove myself. The other is to make a badassical game.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Subversion woes pt2

Okay, In fairness to subversion, I feel the need to amend my past statement. Subversion doesn't need to die, but all its poor implementations do. I finally got decent performance out of it, after removing Tortoise (Not even a Hoveraroud would have saved that one), Installing Ankh and a command line SVN tool. Both of which raised my times from, O(N) where N = Files in source, to O(N) where N = files checked out, or files modified since the last sync.

Which means, I ended up installing 3 tools, to get what perforce does with 1. On second thought, subversion can still diaf.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes I'm rewriting THAT system before beta

Every now and again in the natural evolution of a project. You are going to end up with 2 similar paths for doing task X. Like all good divergent paths, eventually path A != B. You end up spending days, and days making A behave like B. But A isn't B. Too many times I watch people say, duct tape it and move on. Fix it, it costs less. If you don't have a producer that can understand frontloaded time now, saves bugs later during live, I suggest practicing in a mirror, your spouse, my cat (he has plenty of experience listening to me ramble, often sober).

That's why with a beta looming in the future, I'm re-writing a major gameplay system from scratch. We really don't spend enough time as engineers paying down the technical debt we accrue in the "Just ship this milestone" mentality. For Console guys, it's not as bad, its often in the gameplay layer and we can in practice, dispose of those parts. For live teams, that debt becomes your successors thorn.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Saturday I go out and get new tires on the FZ6R, So I decide to go up and ride Santiago Canyon Rd. I'm travelling up El Toro, and pass a sport bike and 2 Harleys off the opposite side, flip around and ask if they need help. Sure enough, one of the Harely's has broken down. Apparently I was the first person to stop in the 20 minutes they had been there. Helped them get it up on the tow truck, and get under way. Nice folks, invited me to come grab dinner and a beer on them. Sitting there waiting for the tow truck, not a single other person bothered to stop slow down, heck, most didn't wave.

When did the wave stop being common courtesy amongst bikers?  Also do you wave to a Can-Am? That last one has bugged me for a bit. Anyhow, I now need to find some time to scrub these tires before Glendora Mountain Road this upcoming Saturday. Urf.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Bank Name Here

If there is one thing that LulzSec has taught us latley, it's that our online security is non-existant. Big companies have skirted and flirted with making me feel safe via "Wish It Was Two Factor". They've made us feel safe by calling the attacks "Sophisticated, Advanced" or saying "There's no way we could have prepared for this". Okay Citi, how about not putting my credit card number INTO THE URL? Just sayin. (Also, thankfully I don't use Citi, if I did, I'd have canceled them)

Banks have recently been court validated to continue performing "Wish It Was Two Factor". For the non-security geeks reading this. Two Factor is by default defined by "Prove you know something (say, a password), Prove you have something (Say a Fob, or RSA dongle, etc)". Prove you know something, and prove you know something, or validate my IP, etc doesn't cut it. Sorry buckos.

You know what's the saddest part? My World Of Warcraft account has better security then my bank, loan accounts, credit cards, and utilities. Combined. Good Job Blizzard. Fuck You American Banking system. Seriously, if my bank wanted to charge me 5 bucks a month, and would give me a RSA dongle, I'd pay it. Heck, for better security, I'd accept a *reasonable* fee.

(On that note, I'd like to give a shout out to the Australian banking system, which does provide RSA Keys for their online banking)

Monday, May 23, 2011

That Sense of Ennui

Today one of my coworkers convinced me to fire up UO on a free shard. Despite my past runnings with Az, I ended up giving in and doing so. I immediately installed the old midi's and dove in. Oh sweet nostalgia. It's hard to imagine finding that immediate sense of it with a game that has changed so much in 15 years. It's also hard to imagine, I first picked up this game, when I was only 12.

It's odd how you remember things. Yea, it's still very different. But I'm running around West Brit, and things come flooding back, and that's probably how I found myself just 50 minutes later, macroing so I could watch TV. Ahh, how UO doesn't change.

Happy Post Fake Rapture Looting!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Things We Accept

So I'm leaving <Store, redacting seems good here> today, and a younger guy is in a full on argument with the loss prevention guy at <Store>. Why? Out of refusal to show a receipt. Now, granted, I didn't know if he had one or not, or had stolen anything. The point of the matter is, legally, the guy was in the right, in CA he was under no obligation to show a receipt. I sat there watching out of morbid curiosity for the longest time. Police eventually responded and cleared things up, turns out he had a receipt, and refused on principal.

So I got to thinking, what are all the things we don't have to do, yet we do, of similar nature. Turns out there's a lot. Two examples:

Gas Pumps in CA - Require billing zipcode (which in this state cannot be required to complete a transaction)

Showing ID with a Visa/Mastercard. Apparently that's banned too (by visa!), they have to just match signatures...

Inevitably, it got to well, we accept airport security. (Granted I think it's security theater, but that's a whole different post) It's not a grope, it's a freedom pat.

This led me to thinking: "Okay, so they can't do any of this, but how much am I really put out by it, and how often is it with good intent?". In most cases, I just don't care, I've nothing to hide. Frankly, as a motorcyclist and walker, I accept that most places I go with a backpack, people are going to want to search it for contraband. Yea, I would be insulted if someone inspected it thinking I stole something. I understand WHY they might, but I might make a commentary on that one. In that context I kind of understood why he made such a big deal of the receipt, and sure, it's insulting to be accused of theft, but to make a big deal of it, and waste so much time? Seriously it's not worth it.